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Business Consulting

The Samuel Group, Inc.’s business consulting division has a Wall Street experienced team providing sound consulting advice. The firm helps businesses achieve high levels of performance and grow through a personalized approach to consulting.

Core services we provide include:

  • Business Plans
  • Business Incorporations

Business Plans

Over the years, The Samuel Group, Inc. has developed numerous business plans for clients in a wide variety of industries. From our years of experience, we have developed a process that ensures high-quality custom business plans for every client.

Our process consists of distinct phases designed to maximize quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

  1. Client Interviews: At this phase we collect and document your vision, key accomplishments to date, challenges and opportunities, key objectives and goals, and business strategies. In this phase, we also identify and refine key research questions, and work to define and communicate an effective outline for the business plan.
  2. Strategic Market Research: In this phase, we size the relevant market place, analyze competitors, profile existing and prospective customer groups, and assess the business opportunity.
  3. Pulse Document: At this stage, we deliver a “Pulse Document” to confirm that we are in agreement with you regarding the strategic direction of the plan, the business plan’s focus, and the tone and language of the plan. The pulse document is delivered either as a business plan outline or a draft of an executive summary.
  4. Additional Research and Strategy Work: After incorporating your feedback from the “pulse document”, we begin additional research regarding your business strategy (financials, marketing, operations, etc.) and communication strategy (how best to articulate your unique opportunity to existing and potential stakeholders and investors).
  5. Draft Plan: Next, we provide a draft of the deliverables, which typically include an executive summary, integrated financials, and a complete business plan.
  6. Review and Revise: In this phase, we review the draft plan with you and discuss the focus, wording, and flow of the document. We incorporate any necessary revisions and refinements, and prepare the revised plan.
  7. Package and Finalize: The final stage involves creating a clean, professional document that is ready to be presented to the appropriate audience.



Business Incorporation

The Samuel Group, Inc.’s incorporation process was developed by attorneys from some of the most respected law firms in America. The Samuel Group, Inc.’s incorporation package includes your tax-id number, articles of incorporation or organization, and standard bylaws or an operating agreement.

Our Process Is Simple:

  1. Initial Free Consultation
    • We discuss with you the process and gather information from you to enable us to complete you incorporation process. You can form a new corporation or incorporate an existing business.
  2. We Create and File Your Incorporation Documents
    • We review the information you provide for spelling, grammar, and consistency. Then we create and file the Articles of Incorporation or Organization with the Secretary of State. We also create standard bylaws or an operating agreement for your organization.
  3. Completion
    • We deliver to you the Articles of Incorporation or Organization from the state along with the rest of your formation documents.